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Excess Inventory Solutions

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Broadline Components is your long term component partner. Sell your excess, consign your inventory & turn that unwanted excess into working capital today.

Surplus Inventory Management Solutions

Broadline Components Inventory management solutions are the industry’s leading inventory plans provider, giving you the ability to custom tailor your solutions and managed services that address your immediate needs. We have over 18 years of experience providing assistance in managing inventories that provide our customers cost-saving and revenue generating solutions. The goal of the inventory Management plan is to provide business solutions designed to assist customers with the financial needs in mind. Revenue recovery on your excess inventory equals an increase to your bottom line.

Broadline Components can move your product within our well established marketing channels all over the globe. Our sales and warehouse staff work diligently to provide real time updating. Let Broadline turn unwanted goods into cash today. Broadline Components offers three ways to turn your unwanted inventory back into cash.

Line Item Purchasing

  • Allows for individual line item accountability
  • Offers a quick fix

Lot Liquidation

  • Moves a large volume of inventory quickly at one time
  • Generates cash flow and frees up needed storage/warehouse space
  • Eliminates carrying costs


  • Our Quality Engineer will receive in your materials to our ISO9001 / AS9120 and ESD S20.20 certified receiving area. 
  • We accurately inventory all materials, and record all sales of your company’s product, and can generate a report in real time, at any time.
  • We can contractually agree to give you full audit privileges to your material at any time.
  • This is the best way to capitalize the highest dollar amount of your unwanted inventory, and works well with trailing edge and older or obsolete components.

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