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Price Point Variance – Cost Down Program

The team at Broadline Components has done the legwork for your purchasing team, and we continue our quest to find the best prices of board level materials on the planet. There are cost reductions for volume purchases. There are cost reductions based on relationships we have established. There are cost reductions by repeated quarterly re-visits to standard costs. After the cost of the intellectual property has been recaptured, we continue to drive our suppliers costs down and we pass the savings on to you.

The Purchasing Team at Broadline Components has found the majority of all global electronics distribution outlets. These include franchised distributors, manufacturers representatives, EMS companies, and many In house stores in major manufacturing plants around the world.

How to Enter

To enter into Broadline’s cost down program is simple. Send us a list of production parts with your exact current cost, and allow us to get to work. These reduced cost goods sometimes can come from immediate stock. In other cases they would need to be scheduled as blanket lead time orders.


The line item minimum is $5,000. For Lead Time orders a Non-Cancelable, Non-Returnable form is required.


99.9% of this material would be brand new date code product and we can and do accompany our PPV/Cost down orders with approved lab inspection test reports when requested so your quality team can rest easy.

Save Money

Broadline Components is committed to providing logical solutions, saving your company money and saving you frustrations in the process. We win when we help your company move forward.

Please reach out today to speak to one of our representatives and get recognized by your company for your hard work in finding a quality supplier while saving your company reduced costs.