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AS6081 Standard Compliant X-Ray Capability

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X-Ray Analysis Services  

Broadline Components is a trusted industry leader specializing in the distribution of electronic components to a diverse range of customers. With a commitment to quality and reliability, we continuously strive to meet and exceed industry standards. In line with this commitment, we proudly present our advanced X-ray capability, adhering to the AS6081 standard.

AS6081 Standard: A Brief Overview

The AS6081 standard, established by the SAE International (Society of Automotive Engineers), serves as a vital guideline for counterfeit electronic parts avoidance in the aerospace, defense, and high-performance electronic industries. This standard is a comprehensive framework that addresses the risks associated with counterfeit electronic components, ensuring the safety and integrity of critical applications.

Broadline Components’ X-ray Capability: Compliance and Benefits

  1. AS6081 Compliant: Broadline Components has invested significantly in its X-ray inspection capabilities to align with the AS6081 standard’s stringent requirements. This commitment reflects our dedication to counterfeit mitigation and product quality.
  2. Counterfeit Detection: Our advanced X-ray technology allows for precise and thorough examination of electronic components. By analyzing internal structures, we can identify inconsistencies, discrepancies, or anomalies that may indicate counterfeit or substandard parts, helping to prevent their integration into critical systems.
  3. Component Authentication: Our X-ray capability assists in verifying the authenticity of components, confirming that they match the manufacturer’s specifications and are free from any unauthorized alterations or modifications.
  4. Reliability Assurance: By adhering to the AS6081 standard, we ensure the highest level of reliability and trust in the electronic components we provide. Our X-ray inspections contribute to the overall safety and performance of mission-critical systems.
  5. Industry Expertise: With years of experience in the electronic components industry, Broadline Components possesses the knowledge and expertise required to interpret X-ray results accurately, making informed decisions about component suitability.
  6. Customer Confidence: Our commitment to AS6081 compliance and X-ray capability enhances customer confidence. We empower our clients to make informed decisions and trust the components they receive from us for their demanding applications.

Contact Broadline Components for X-Ray Analysis and Testing 

Broadline Components’ AS6081-compliant X-ray capability represents our unwavering commitment to delivering reliable and authentic electronic components to industries where counterfeit avoidance is paramount. By investing in advanced technology and adhering to industry standards, we ensure that our customers receive the highest quality products, mitigating risks associated with counterfeit parts. Trust Broadline Components as your partner in ensuring the integrity and safety of your critical systems.

For more information about our AS6081-compliant X-ray capability and our wide range of electronic components, please contact us at (813) 333-2312.